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Record Types

Compared to traditional top-level domains, the .tel DNS uses a different set of record types. User-specified Address and CNAME records are prohibited, and the following are allowed:

Type Description
TXT Text string of 255 characters that can contain plain text, a set of keyword value pairs like "tc" "London" (tc for Town/City), or a system message that is not displayed on a .tel web page

TXT ".tkw" "1" "a" "Address" "a1" "Percy st.37" "tc" "London" "c" "UK"
LOC Location record for storing the geographical coordinates as latitude, longitude and altitude with the accuracy of 6 decimal places

LOC 51 31 5.240 N 0 8 2.544 W 0.00m 10m 2m 2m"
NAPTR Naming Authority Pointer Record with contact information as a URL and an Enumservice that indicates the type of URL information, such as email or phone number

NAPTR 100 100 "u" "E2U+voice:tel" "!^.*$!tel:+442074676450!" .

All Enumservice types are supported, and ordering and labelling are available.
A NAPTR can also be non-terminal (NTN) and hold a pointer to another domain or subdomain, which may hold more data

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