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3  <properties>
4    <title> Developers </title>
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7    <section name="Developers">
8        <p>      Welcome to the .tel Developer Community, home of client applications for .tel domains.
9        Here you can find <b>free open-source applications</b> providing .tel service for
10        <a href="/pages/winoutlook/landing.html">Microsoft Outlook<sup>&#174;</sup></a>,
11        <a href="/pages/winmobile/landing.html">Windows Mobile<sup>&#174;</sup></a>,
12        <a href="/pages/iphone/landing.html">iPhone<sup>&#174;</sup></a>
13        and <a href="/pages/blackberry/landing.html">BlackBerry<sup>&#174;</sup></a> devices. You can download ready applications, browse and
14        edit their source code, share impressions at our forums, or even write your
15        own application for a new platform or software application! </p>
17        <p>In an effort to support and enhance the .tel service, Telnic is pleased to
18        provide the developer community with a comprehensive site filled with
19        .tel related developer resources. The .tel infrastructure is an exciting
20        development platform for innovative solutions in communications, VoIP,
21        discovery and identity management. </p> 
22        <p> From this area you can: </p>
23        <ul class="landing">
24                <li><a href="/pages/downloads.html">Download</a> the .tel applications for desktops and mobiles</li>
25                <li><a href="/trac/wiki/SourceCode">Get the source code</a> and binaries of current and early releases</li>
26                <li>Make use of <a href="/pages/tools.html">toolkits</a> and <a href="/pages/api_landing.html">APIs</a></li>
27                <li>Read the <a href="/pages/faq.html">Developers FAQ</a>, <a href="/pages/howtos.html">Guides</a>
28                 and <a href="/pages/whitepapers.html">Whitepapers</a></li>
29                <li>Read and write to the <a href="/trac/discussion">developer forum</a> and <a href="/trac/wiki">wiki</a></li>
30                <li>Subscribe to the community <a href="/trac/wiki/RssFeed">RSS feeds</a></li>
31        </ul>
33<p>We welcome you and hope that you will enjoy using the .tel applications and
34contributing to their further development. </p>
35 </section>
36  </body>
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