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4  <properties>
5    <author email="">Telnic Developer Community</author>
6    <title>Code Maintenance</title>
7        <registered/>
8  </properties>
12<section name="Code Maintenance">
14  <p>These are a few self-made rules for maintaining the quality of our codebase:
15  </p>
16  <ul>
17  <li><b>Tickets</b>: To request a feature, log a defect or provide a bug fix, please
18  submit a <a href="/trac/newticket">Ticket</a> to our system. To quicken bug processing,
19   please include maximum information into your report, such as version numbers,
20   OS environment, error log, configuration settings, etc. Ideally, a bug should come with
21        a test that reproduces the error. It is also crucial that you give your patches meaningful
22        names; for instance, instead of "1.patch", you can name the patch
23        "708-web-brokenlinks.patch", which would associate the patch with bug ID 708 and
24         hint that the patch fixes broken links on the website.
25  </li>
26  <li><b>Patches</b>: A patch is a diff demonstrating a code change.
27  Code changes related to one problem should come in one patch. The patch should follow
28  the unified syntax and, preferably, be run against the latest code version. Once your
29   patch is ready, create a new <a href="/trac/newticket">ticket</a> in the tracker or attach the patch
30  to an existing related ticket. When committing a patch, please indicate the bug ID in the commit message.
31  </li>
32  <li><b>Large-scale development</b>: Before
33  starting on a big chunk of functionality, check the forum and Wiki for a list of
34  active assignments. This can help you avoid
35  duplication of effort and/or find teammates with whom you may work. Large-scale changes,
36  new features, and doubtful fixes
37  should be discussed on the forum before the commit. </li>
38  <li><b>Branches</b>: The applications repository has tags and branches to
39  allow parallel development. Please use those for individual work on an existing application. We shall help
40  you merge the changes periodically. </li>
41 </ul>
42 </section>
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