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    6 <title>Telnic  | iPhone Application</title> 
     6<title>Telnic  | iPhone Applications</title> 
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    148148<!--MAIN BODY--> 
    149149<div id="maincolfullwidth_withspace_more"> 
    150 <a name=".tel iPhone Application "> 
    151 <h1>.tel iPhone Application </h1> 
    152 </a> 
     150<a name=".tel Applications for iPhone "> 
     151<h1>.tel Applications for iPhone </h1> 
     154  <p>This page describes the available applications for iPhone devices. The simple Sample Application illustrates basic client architecture and DNS lookups, while the "My .tel" application focuses on managing contents of a .tel domain. Read the descriptions in the tables below for detailed characteristics and installation instructions. You can download the source of each application here or check it out of the public SVN repository. Following a standard build procedure, you get a ready application that supports iPhone devices version 2.0 and higher.</p> 
     156        <a name="Sample Application"> 
     157<h2>Sample Application</h2> 
    154161<table class="tblresel" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0"> 
     247        <a name="My .tel Application"> 
     248<h2>My .tel Application</h2> 
     251        <table class="tblresel" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0"> 
     252        <tr> 
     253                <th>Key Point</th> 
     254                <th>Description</th> 
     255        </tr> 
     256        <tr> 
     257          <td class="left">Full name </td> 
     258          <td class="right">My .tel iPhone<sup>®</sup> Application </td> 
     259        </tr> 
     260        <tr class="alt"> 
     261          <td class="left">Current release</td> 
     262          <td class="right">1.0</td> 
     263        </tr> 
     264         <tr> 
     265          <td class="left">Purpose</td> 
     266          <td class="right"> Standalone application for managing .tel domain content from an iPhone device.</td> 
     267         </tr> 
     268         <tr class="alt"> 
     269          <td class="left">Key features</td> 
     270          <td class="right"> 
     271          - Can look up and navigate .tel domains, view all record types<br/>   
     272          - Can login and manage/edit your .tel domain<br/>  
     273          - Has click-to-communicate feature<br/>  
     274          - Integrates with the Maps applications 
     275         </td> 
     276         </tr> 
     277         <tr> 
     278          <td class="left">Supported languages</td> 
     279          <td class="right">English only, but easily localizable via a strings file</td> 
     280         </tr> 
     281         <tr class="alt"> 
     282          <td class="left">Supported OS / Device</td> 
     283          <td class="right">iPhone OS 2.0 and higher</td> 
     284         </tr> 
     285         <tr> 
     286          <td class="left">Programming</td> 
     287          <td class="right">Requires Mac OS X<sup>®</sup> 10.5, XCode 3.1 and 
     288          the iPhone SDK 2.0; written in Objective-C and C</td> 
     289         </tr> 
     290         <tr class="alt"> 
     291          <td class="left">Download</td> 
     292          <td>400KB</td> 
     293         </tr> 
     294         <tr> 
     295          <td class="left">Source code</td> 
     296          <td>Available via SVN checkout, see <a href="/trac/wiki/SourceCode">Repository Browser</a>.</td> 
     297         </tr> 
     298         <tr class="alt"> 
     299          <td class="left">Install procedure</td> 
     300          <td class="right">Download the archive with the source code and build it. Then  
     301          follow instructions on the Apple's iPhone developer site to install the application 
     302          on an iPhone device.<br/> 
     303          To build the source, double-click 
     304          the XCode <code></code> file. In the Active SDK  
     305          pulldown menu, select "Simulator". Click "Build and Go".</td> 
     306         </tr> 
     307         <tr> 
     308          <td class="left">Uninstall procedure</td> 
     309          <td class="right">Remove the project directory from the hard drive. To uninstall 
     310          from an iPhone device, touch the application icon for a few seconds and click 
     311          the X button.</td> 
     312         </tr> 
     313         <tr class="alt"> 
     314          <td class="left">Configuration</td> 
     315          <td class="right"> 
     316          No additional configuration needed.   
     317          </td> 
     318         </tr> 
     319         <tr> 
     320          <td class="left">Known Limitations</td> 
     321          <td class="right"> 
     322         - Does not support data encryption / decryption. <br/> 
     323         - No integration into the native address book, you have to save the .tel address as a URL.<br/> 
     324         - Profiles not supported. 
     325          </td> 
     326         </tr> 
     328<p align="right"> 
     329<a href="/downloads/" class="imagelink"> 
     330<img src="/pages/images/iphone2_dwld.gif" alt="Download"/> 
    240336  </div> 
    241337<div class="clear"> </div> 
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