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  • site/xdocs/api_landing.xml

    r8 r59  
    1717 <th>Name</th> 
    1818 <th>Description</th> 
    19  <th width="9%">Link</th> 
    20  <th width="9%">Schemas</th> 
     19 <th width="10%">Link</th> 
     20 <th width="10%">Schemas</th> 
    2121 </tr> 
    2727         client .tel applications and TelHosting Software</td> 
    2828         <td class="right"><a href="/api/client-soap/index.html" target="_blank"><img src="/pages/images/icon_ie.gif"/></a><a href="/api/client-soap/ClientSoapAPI.pdf" target="_blank"><img src="/pages/images/icon_pdf2.gif"/></a></td> 
    29          <td class="right"> 
    30                 <a href="/api/client-soap/" target="_blank"><img src="/pages/images/icon_zip.gif"/></a> 
     29         <td> 
     30                &#160;&#160;&#160;&#160; <a href="/api/client-soap/" target="_blank"><img src="/pages/images/icon_zip.gif"/></a> 
    3131        </td> 
    3232 </tr> 
    3939          <a href="/api/admin-soap/AdminSoapAPI.pdf" target="_blank"><img src="/pages/images/icon_pdf2.gif"/></a></td> 
    4040                 <td class="right"> 
    41                 <a href="/api/admin-soap/" target="_blank"><img src="/pages/images/icon_zip.gif"/></a> 
     41                &#160;&#160;&#160;&#160; <a href="/api/admin-soap/" target="_blank"><img src="/pages/images/icon_zip.gif"/></a> 
    4242        </td> 
    4343 </tr> 
    4848         services: SO member database, encryption key store, and others</td> 
    4949         <td class="right"><a href="/api/so-soap/index.html" target="_blank"><img src="/pages/images/icon_ie.gif"/></a> 
    50           <a href="/api/so-soap/SOSoapAPI.pdf" target="_blank"><img src="/pages/images/icon_pdf2.gif"/></a> 
     50         <a href="/api/so-soap/SOSoapAPI.pdf" target="_blank"><img src="/pages/images/icon_pdf2.gif"/></a> 
    5151         </td> 
    5252                 <td class="right"> 
    53                 <a href="/api/so-soap/" target="_blank"><img src="/pages/images/icon_zip.gif"/></a> 
     53         &#160;&#160;&#160;&#160; <a href="/api/so-soap/" target="_blank"><img src="/pages/images/icon_zip.gif"/></a> 
    5454        </td> 
    5555 </tr> 
  • site/xdocs/blackberry/landing.xml

    r49 r59  
    12   <section name=".tel Blackberry&#174; Application "> 
     12  <section name=".tel Blackberry Application "> 
    1414<table class="tblresel" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0"> 
    8383         <tr> 
    8484          <td class="left">Known Limitations</td> 
    85           <td class="right">See the <a href="/trac/wiki/BlackberryApplication">wiki page</a>. 
     85          <td class="right">See the <a href="/trac/wiki/BlackberryApplication">wiki</a>. 
    8686          </td> 
    8787         </tr> 
  • site/xdocs/decisions.xml

    r8 r59  
    2626  <ul type="none"> 
    27   <li><span class="orangetext">+1</span> is a positive vote.</li> 
    28   <li><span class="orangetext">+/-0</span> means you abstain or have no opinion. 
     27  <li><b>+1</b> is a positive vote.</li> 
     28  <li><b>+/-0</b> means you abstain or have no opinion. 
    2929  This vote makes little sense, because you appear to have no opinion. However,  
    3030  too many abstaining committers and contributors means the discussed matter  
    3131  needs more investigation, so the vote will be postponed. </li> 
    32  <li><span class="orangetext">-1</span> is a negative vote.</li> 
     32 <li><b>-1</b> is a negative vote.</li> 
    3333 </ul> 
    3434 <p>When voting, please provide arguments or concerns, especially in the case of a zero or  
  • site/xdocs/discussion.xml

    r39 r59  
    2929 <tr> 
    3030         <td class="left">RSS feed</td> 
    31          <td class="right">Community news in a handy format</td> 
     31         <td class="right">Community news in a real-time format</td> 
    3232         <td class="right"><a href="/trac/wiki/RssFeed"><img src="/pages/images/icon_ie.gif"/></a></td> 
    3333 </tr> 
    3434 <tr class="alt"> 
    3535         <td class="left">Submit a bug</td> 
    36          <td class="right">How to log a request or issue to the issue tracking system</td> 
     36         <td class="right">Log a request or issue to the tracking system</td> 
    3737         <td class="right"><a href="/trac/wiki/BugTracker"><img src="/pages/images/icon_ie.gif"/></a></td> 
    3838 </tr>  
  • site/xdocs/downloads.xml

    r54 r59  
    2525<p>Click the links below to download the latest versions of currently available applications.</p> 
    27         <li><a href="/pages/blackberry/landing.html">.tel Blackberry<sup>&#174;</sup> Application</a></li> 
    28         <li><a href="/pages/winmobile/landing.html">.tel Windows Mobile<sup>&#174;</sup> Client</a>    </li> 
    29         <li><a href="/pages/winoutlook/landing.html">.tel Outlook<sup>&#174;</sup> Plug-in</a> </li> 
    30         <li><a href="/pages/iphone/landing.html">.tel iPhone<sup>&#174;</sup> Application</a></li> 
     27        <li><a href="/pages/blackberry/landing.html">.tel Blackberry Application</a></li> 
     28        <li><a href="/pages/winmobile/landing.html">.tel Windows Mobile Client</a>    </li> 
     29        <li><a href="/pages/winoutlook/landing.html">.tel Outlook Plug-in</a> </li> 
     30        <li><a href="/pages/iphone/landing.html">.tel iPhone Application</a></li> 
    3232<p><b>Note:</b> Please remember that these are not official releases of these applications; all 
  • site/xdocs/howtos.xml

    r8 r59  
    3636 </tr> 
    3737  <tr class="alt"> 
    38          <td class="left">Building Outlook plug-in</td> 
     38         <td class="left">Building Outlook<br/> plug-in</td> 
    3939         <td class="right">Step-by-step instructions on checking out and building source code 
    4040         of the <a href="/pages/winoutlook/landing.html">Microsoft Office&#174; Outlook&#174; plug-in</a> </td> 
    4242 </tr> 
    4343  <tr> 
    44          <td class="left">Building Pocket Outlook&#174; plug-in</td> 
     44         <td class="left">Building Windows Mobile plug-in</td> 
    4545         <td class="right">Step-by-step instructions on checking out and building source code 
    4646         of the <a href="/pages/winmobile/landing.html">Pocket Outlook&#174; plug-in</a> </td> 
  • site/xdocs/index.xml

    r54 r59  
    77    <section name="Developers"> 
    88        <p>      Welcome to the .tel Developer Community, home of client applications for .tel domains.  
    9         Here you can find <b>free open-source applications</b> providing .tel service for  
    10         <a href="/pages/winoutlook/landing.html">Microsoft Outlook<sup>&#174;</sup></a>,  
    11         <a href="/pages/winmobile/landing.html">Windows Mobile<sup>&#174;</sup></a>,  
    12         <a href="/pages/iphone/landing.html">iPhone<sup>&#174;</sup></a> 
    13         and <a href="/pages/blackberry/landing.html">BlackBerry<sup>&#174;</sup></a> devices. You can download ready applications, browse and  
     9        Here you can find <b>free opensource applications</b> providing .tel service for  
     10        <a href="/pages/winoutlook/landing.html">Microsoft Outlook</a>,  
     11        <a href="/pages/winmobile/landing.html">Windows Mobile</a>,  
     12        <a href="/pages/iphone/landing.html">iPhone</a> 
     13        and <a href="/pages/blackberry/landing.html">BlackBerry</a> devices. You can download ready applications, browse and  
    1414        edit their source code, share impressions at our forums, or even write your  
    1515        own application for a new platform or software application! </p> 
  • site/xdocs/iphone/landing.xml

    r54 r59  
    12   <section name=".tel iPhone&#174; Application "> 
     12  <section name=".tel iPhone Application "> 
    1414<table class="tblresel" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0"> 
  • site/xdocs/maintain_code.xml

    r8 r59  
    1818   please include maximum information into your report, such as version numbers,  
    1919   OS environment, error log, configuration settings, etc. Ideally, a bug should come with 
    20         a test that reproduces it, but this might be too much to ask for.  
    21         <br/>It is also crucial that you give your patches meaningful 
     20        a test that reproduces the error. It is also crucial that you give your patches meaningful 
    2221        names; for instance, instead of "1.patch", you can name the patch 
    2322        "708-web-brokenlinks.patch", which would associate the patch with bug ID 708 and 
    2423         hint that the patch fixes broken links on the website. 
    2524  </li> 
    26   <li><b>Patches</b>: A patch  
    27   is a diff demonstrating a code change. 
     25  <li><b>Patches</b>: A patch is a diff demonstrating a code change. 
    2826  Code changes related to one problem should come in one patch. The patch should follow 
    29   the unified syntax and, preferably, be run against the latest code version. Merging 
    30   parallel code changes can be tedious.  
    31   <br/>Once your patch is ready, create a new ticket in the tracker or attach the patch 
    32   to an existing related ticket.  </li> 
    33   <li><b>Commits</b>: When committing a patch, please indicate the bug ID in the commit message. 
    34    Trivial changes can be committed without 
    35   pre-commit checks, at the committer's risk. All other changes are subject to pre-commit  
    36   testing to ensure stability of code. Subprojects can choose to override these rules for 
    37   development branches. </li> 
    38   <li><b>Reverting changes</b>: Any commit that breaks  
    39   the build or has been vetoed by a committer must be reversed. </li> 
     27  the unified syntax and, preferably, be run against the latest code version. Once your 
     28   patch is ready, create a new <a href="/trac/newticket">ticket</a> in the tracker or attach the patch 
     29  to an existing related ticket. When committing a patch, please indicate the bug ID in the commit message. 
     30  </li> 
    4031  <li><b>Large-scale development</b>: Before 
    4132  starting on a big chunk of functionality, check the forum and Wiki for a list of  
    4233  active assignments. This can help you avoid  
    43   duplication of effort and/or find teammates to work with. Large-scale changes,  
     34  duplication of effort and/or find teammates with whom you may work. Large-scale changes,  
    4435  new features, and doubtful fixes 
    4536  should be discussed on the forum before the commit. </li> 
    46   <li><b>Branches</b>: Subprojects and groups can create branches 
    47   in the repository for release cycles and parallel development. Merge of the branch with 
    48   the main trunk should be performed after the independent development cycle completes.  
    49   Documenting each branch by a short STATUS file is highly advisable.</li> 
    50   <li> <b>Licensing</b>: Any data committed to the .tel repository is considered  
    51   donated to the .tel community. Any code, document or binary not intended 
    52   for community use or not subject for the community license is  
    53   must be clearly marked as such.  
    54   </li> 
     37  <li><b>Branches</b>: The applications repository has tags and branches to  
     38  allow parallel development. Please use those for individual work on an existing application. We shall help 
     39  you merge the changes periodically. </li> 
    5540 </ul> 
    5641 </section> 
  • site/xdocs/security.xml

    r8 r59  
    3030 can be stored in a NAPTR record without containing special characters.</li> 
    32 <p class="note"><span class="header">Note:</span> We do NOT recommend storing sensitive  
     32<p><b>Note:</b> We do NOT recommend storing sensitive  
    3333personal information such as credit card numbers inside a .tel domain. This is  
    3434not the purpose of the .tel. </p> 
    3939<p>For more information on the .tel security model, please read our whitepaper 
    40 <a href="/docs/privacy.pdf">Privacy in .tel</a>.</p> 
     40<a href="/docs/privacy.pdf">Protecting .tel Contact Data</a>.</p> 
  • site/xdocs/site.xml

    r23 r59  
    12 <section name="Updating the Website"> 
     12<section name="Website Updates"> 
    1313  <p>The .tel developer website consists of a number of Wiki pages, which 
    1414  can be edited directly in a browser, and static HTML pages, which are generated 
  • site/xdocs/stylesheets/site.xsl

    r55 r59  
    11<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> 
    3 <!-- 
    4         ***************************** 
    6         N.B. any tags with more than one attribute need to be coded using xsl:attribute  
    7         for all but the first attribute. 
    9         This is to ensure that JDK 1.4 and 1.5 generate the attributes in the same order, 
    10         and thus avoid huge numbers of irrelevant differences when the JDK changes. 
    12         For example: 
    14         <img alt="Alt"> 
    15                 <xsl:attribute name="border">0</xsl:attribute> 
    16                 <xsl:attribute name="src">xxx.gif</xsl:attribute>                                
    17         </img> 
    19         ***************************** 
    20 --> 
    213<xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="" version="1.0"> 
    224  <xsl:import href="common.xsl"/> 
  • site/xdocs/tools.xml

    r54 r59  
    1414 <tr> 
    15  <th>Name</th> 
     15 <th width="20%">Name</th> 
    1616 <th>Description</th> 
    1717 <th>Link</th> 
    2020  <tr> 
    21          <td class="left">Java<sup>&#174;</sup> Utilities</td> 
    22          <td class="right">Set of Java classes and libraries from TelHosting Software 
     21         <td class="left">Java Utilities</td> 
     22         <td class="right">Set of Java<sup>&#174;</sup> classes and libraries from TelHosting Software 
    2323         to simplify development of Java applications</td> 
    2424         <td class="right"><a href="/downloads/tools/"><img src="/pages/images/icon_zip.gif"/></a></td> 
    2525 </tr> 
    2626<tr class="alt"> 
    27          <td class="left">iPhone<sup>&#174;</sup> SDK</td> 
    28          <td class="right">An SDK for quick development of iPhone applications 
     27         <td class="left">iPhone SDK</td> 
     28         <td class="right">An SDK for quick development of iPhone<sup>&#174;</sup> applications 
    2929         that need access to .tel data from DNS servers.</td> 
    3030         <td class="right"><a href="/downloads/tools/"><img src="/pages/images/icon_zip.gif"/></a> 
    5050 <tr> 
    51  <th>Name</th> 
     51 <th width="20%">Name</th> 
    5252 <th>Description</th> 
    5353 <th>Link</th> 
  • site/xdocs/winmobile/landing.xml

    r49 r59  
    11   <section name=".tel Windows Mobile&#174; Client"> 
     11  <section name=".tel Windows Mobile Client"> 
    1212<table class="tblresel" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0"> 
    1313        <tr> 
    7373         <tr> 
    7474          <td class="left">Known Limitations</td> 
    75           <td class="right">None identified. 
     75          <td class="right">See the <a href="/trac/wiki/WinMobileClient">wiki</a>. 
    7676          </td> 
    7777         </tr> 
  • site/xdocs/winoutlook/landing.xml

    r54 r59  
    7979         <tr> 
    8080          <td class="left">Known Limitations</td> 
    81           <td class="right">None identified.  
     81          <td class="right">See the <a href="/trac/wiki/OutlookPlugin">wiki</a>. 
    8282          </td> 
    8383         </tr> 
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