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This is the topic for feedback and support on the iPhone application.

  • Message #201

    First off, I am very new to Mac/iPhone development, so please be gentle :)

    I downloaded the source for the my .tel application and fired it up on the iPhone simulator.

    It seems to want to logon to a domain, rather than my domain.

    Is there a version for an un-jailbroken iPhone that works with a plain .tel, or if it's an easy fix, could point me where I might patch the source?



    • Message #333


      I think the code has been updated and you should be able to use the source just fine. Can you please report on the status?

    • Message #219

      Get the latest svn repository source code. It's significantly re-written and also supports all .tel domains including VIP.

  • Message #528

    It looks like has some troubles with iPhone firmware 3.0. For example, the blue arrows on the "Contacts Info" screen do not work anymore. So the contacts info can not be edited. Do you plan to release a new version compatible with fw 3.0 ? Thanks

    • Message #529

      Yes we're working on a new version that should be submitted to apple within a day or two, so it should be available on the app store within 10 days. That's assuming of course Apple doesn't reject it for any reason (which unfortunately can happen all too often).

      I'm sorry the app wasn't updated before 3.0 went live, but it seems that the bug you found (the blue arrow click failing) only showed up at the tail end of the 3.0 development process about a week before it was released to the public.

      • Message #530 version 1.0.1 is under review by Apple now. It fixes some 3.0 problems and adds support for private subdomains.

  • Message #636 2.0.0 has just been submitted to Apple for review. It's very cool. Trust me. :)

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