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i'm looking to make an application to manage a contact account via a php web application. It seem you will provide soon you java telhosting application, can i know how is the state of the project today? Could you please make a little tutorial or describe how to connect easily to your SOAP API, what are the steps because i can't find clear informations in your documentation.

Best regards.

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    We're actively testing the TelHosting Software at the moment, and will be releasing later in the year. When I get more definite dates, I will let you know. As for documentation, we'll be publishing a tutorial for a simple iPhone application, doing DNS lookups. We could probably also write one about connecting to SOAP APIs, but that's not started yet. Right now, you can use the Developer Manual,, or look into the code of existing client applications. Blackberry should be the most extensive one, I expect.

    If you have specific questions, we'll be happy to answer here.

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      ok so as i understood first step is to loggin in a TelHosting Provider account. How can i get this account ?

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        You will be able to run your own for development (or later for production) purposes, but our TelHosting software is still in testing. However, in the next few days we'll be opening up a special "" domain for developers and interested people to get their subdomains under and start hitting its API, without having to wait for the official .tel launch.

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          Further to Henri's response "" is now open (from a strictly Web UI perspective). If your interested in trying out this functionality then please email us at [vip@…] to request a trial VIP domain

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    If you want to manage a .tel via a php web app, you just have to use the SOAP API to hit the TelHosting software. As for how you'll use it, as Nadya said your first document should be the Developer Manual, and you should use the SOAP API reference. I am also going to be extending the iPhone app to enable the user to manage his own .tel, but that will not be for another few weeks.

    You can look at the codebases for the Blackberry and Windows Mobile to see how you can log in through the SOAP API and make the necessary calls. It's pretty simple stuff.


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    Good news for you! - you can get a that you test your application on - you can use our new AJAX API to create your PHP app, see the reference materials.

    I hope this is helpful; if you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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      Thank you that a very good and helpful new for me, i will come back later to give you a feed back about the Ajax API but it look really interesting


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