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Developers Wanted!

We've received a request for .tel developers who could create a custom interface to facilitate updating multiple .tels (and folders within these .tels).

Andrew is trying to find someone who he could commission to build an interface capable of adding/modifying a company's contact information across a number of local business listing type .tel directories at the same time and which he could use to synchronise listings between a central .com site and the network of some 250 .tels which I have purchased to provide a comprehensive geographic coverage in the UK.

Andrew has asked us to spread this request to all developers who can be interested in this kind of work. For details, please contact us here or directly - community@… , dev@…

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    I'm currently working on a site ( which is doing a similar thing. It's capable of adding entries to multiple .tel domains (at the moment only one as we're building the rest up). Will be interesting so see a interface like this.



  • Message #531

    Is this request still actual?

    • Message #532

      It's been a while. I'll check.

      • Message #550

        Thanx!! It's realy been very long time ago and not actual. )

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