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Just got my own VIP .tel today!

Hi everyone,

'Tis my first post here in the forum and yeah I just got my tel thanks to Justin H. So glad to be part of the .tel community!

I'm a problogger slash domainer slash internet marketer. Basically, my work is always online and one of my current projects is promoting .tel domains through a blog

I'd love to connect with new friends here! Here's my tel BTW:

Thank you.


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    Welcome! Let's add your blog to the title page.

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    Dear Jamarie,

    Congratulation beeing the first person in this forum and also beeing one of the first .TEL'ers worldwide. It seems like it will be a happy community - without grudge or anything like that.

    But it looks like I missed out some significant facts!

    You registered yourName.TEL already (sounds good so far, but as I can see from your first entry in this forum it was on March 11,2008- that sounds not at all good to me - that worries me)

    How was the name of the phase you got it registered? - Maybe "The Day before Sunrise""? - It does not look like that you are the owner of your own trademark (No-Sunrise access) - Lundrush means, getting .TEL domains for a Premium price (How much do you pay for .TEL domains registered in this phase? Did you get any discount promoting .TEL?

    If I were .TEL (well I am not)I would forbid you Jamarie to promote .TEL under your domain buyteldomains(dot)com. Its a great idea, generally spoken, to promote something, what you think is good, but you do exactly the opposite by overloading the your site with banners, pop-ups, skyscraper, how the hell they are called.

    It should be a platform to promote .TEL and not annoying people by advertising stuff flying around the screen.

    Anyway: There are still 2 questions left, maybe one of you can answer these questions.

    1. Is the opportunity higher to get a .TEL name when you work for the company? 2. Isn't it "Deloitte" the auditing firm who checks anything concerning .TEL Domains .

    Well, to sum it up. Congrats to you Jamarie. You have done everything correct in my eyes, and also in the eyes of "Deloitte", it seems like. Otherwise you probably did not get

    Do you remember the name of the Phase your registered it?

    Was it "The Day before Sunrise", or "I am a friend of JH."

    P.S. Remember the Enron scandal, I think Deloitte was involved!

    Best Reagrds, Thomas

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      Thanks for your post, though we discourage double-posting. Please refrain from posting the same twice in future.

      I'd like to bring to your attention that Jamarie's initial post was on 11/03/08, which is November 3, 2008 in British date format that is used on this forum.

      Jamarie has successfully applied for our Beta program, domains, which is open for everybody. Please try one for yourself - you can register at

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        Thanks for the Info.

        I have the date problem quite a lot of time, due to my job as a Consultant I travell in quite a lot of countries, its sometimes confusing. Sorry.

        double-posting: NO more, I promise

        nadya thanks for your nice words in your email.:-)

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