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I'm starting an upgrade of the Developer Website. Below are a few ideas that I'm going to implement, your opinion is highly appreciated:

  1. Restructure the forum: Add new forum groups to pull some topics from currently overloaded Tools and Apps areas
    • "SOAP for TelHosting and TelFriends?" - dev questions on this API
    • "AJAX for TelHosting" - dev questions on this API
    • "Advanced .tel Usage" - if you want more out of your .tel (directories, services, speedy updates, etc)
    • "How do I..." - if you don't know how do something in .tel
    • "Dreams" - for future enhancements
  2. Create new doc '.tel in a nutshell' as a sub-set of the dev guide with more overview info with refs to the dev guide
  3. Add a new chapter to the Dev Guide with a Kick-Start note
  4. Add Perl code samples to the Dev Guide and update Blackberry code samples
  5. Improve the landing pages and Wiki content

If you have more ideas on what can be done, you're welcome to voice your opinion. Please tell what you'd like to see on this website.

  • Message #533

    Ok, the first take on restructuring the community is now out with the following features:

    • New navigation
    • Simplified Documentation and Software sections, all on one pages
    • New Ecosystem area to highlight major usages of .tel technology
    • Improved Architecture area to introduce the .tel

    My next goal would be to create a document for beginning .tel developers with all the useful tips gathered around the forum.

    Again, if there is something you think every .tel developer should know, or some information that will make life easier for beginners, please write here or directly to us at dev@….

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