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Source Code

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The source code of client applications and tools is stored in a public SVN, Subversion control system. If you are not familiar with SVN, please visit their website to learn how to get code out of an SVN repository.

The .tel code base is accessible in two ways:

  • via an SVN check-out operation, which creates a local copy of
  • online in the browser, which allows you to navigate through different code areas, view changes, etc.

The repository has the following structure:

  • apps/ - Source code: root folder for all .tel client source code with subfolders for each client application; a directory with client code has trunk/, branches/ and tags/ folders to keep track of any parallel development we may be doing.
  • site/ - Website material: trac/, pages/, docs/, etc. Everything for the website is here. Read the README file in this directory for instructions on updating the website.
  • tools/ - Scripts and support: development and testing scripts, infrastructure.

If you want to submit a bug or a patch against the source code for the client applications or the website, check out the code, make your edits and submit them in a new ticket. Don't forget to follow the code maintenance guidelines; otherwise, your ticket may not be addressed.

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